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Rebecca St. James

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	  		Intro:  Dm - Bb - C - G   (recorder solo) 
                    Dm                   Bb 
Verse 1 He made the night... He made the day 
  Spread the earth upon the water 
  Made the heavens and the rain 
              Dm              Bb 
  Look at the sky...  see its design 
       C                       G 
  The very same creator is the one who gave us life 
  Dm                    Bb 
  What is man that he's mindful of us? 
  C                        G 
  We're merely clay in His hands 
  Dm                Bb                        C 
  What am I that He loves me so much He would die   (All that I can say is) 
             Dm         F 
Chorus:  Its GOD, truly GOD 
                    G                          Bb 
         Can ya' see, can ya' hear, can ya' touch, can ya' feel 
             Dm         F 
	 Its GOD, truly GOD 
           G                 Bb                 Dm 
	 I can't explain any other way, cuz its GOD 
                  Dm             Bb 
Verse2  Inside us all there is a void 
  C                                G 
  All mankind is searching for the one who fills the soul 
                 Dm                      Bb 
  In Him there's hope  -  In Him there's life 
      C                               G 
  The world cries for a savior that's right before their eyes 
  Dm                  Bb                 C              G 
  What is man that He takes us in as His children  -  to be His own 
      Dm               Bb                 C 
  And what are we that He wants to be our Father  -  (All I can say is) 
 repeat  Chorus 
 (get ready for the changeup) 
(ChangeUp for Bridge) 
  BbMaj7 - Gm7 - Ab - Eb 
         BbMaj7                            Ab 
Bridge:  Lord I thank you for your endless love. 
  Your boundless grace 
   Eb           Dm - Bb - C   (Drums only, well primarily) 
  I stand here, amazed 
Chorus to Ending 
  C       Eb 
  God, truly God 
    F                  G    
  I can't explain any other way 
                  Dm         F  
Chorus:  cuz it's God, truly God 
                    G      		       Bb 
            What we see what we hear what we touch what we feel 
       Dm          F 
   Its GOD, truly GOD 
       G                Bb               Dm 
   I can't explain any other way cuz its GOD 
           Dm          F 
  cuz it's God, truly God 
        G         Bb 
  it's God, truly God 
       Dm         F 
  it's God, truly God 
     G                Bb                 Dm 
  I can't explain any other way, cuz its GOD 
Recorder solo on intro melody, eight bars to end. 


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