Ray Noble

Dinah Chords

Ray Noble

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate


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( Joe Young, Sam M. Lewis and Harry Akst)

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Intro: E E6 E C#m7 F#m7 B7                  

E  E6   E    E6       Cdim  E  E6  E 
Dinah,    is there anyone   finer 
       Edim     Cdim   B7  B7/9  B7 
In the state   of    Carolina 
        B7/9         E   Edim  F#m7        B7 
If there is and you know  her, show her to me 
E  E6   E      E6       Cdim  E    E6    E 
Dinah,      with her Dixie eyes blazin' 
      Edim    Cdim     B7 B7/9  B7 
How I love to sit and gaze in 
       B7/9    B7     E   A7   E  G#7 
To the eyes of Dinah Lee 

C#m            Am7+         C#m7                     
Ev' - ry night,    why do I     shake with fright 
   B7 Cdim C#m        F#7           Gdim     F#7  B7  F#m7 B7 
'Cause my  Dinah might   change  her  mind  about  me 
E   E6   E        E6      Cdim  E  E6  E 
Dinah,    if she wander'd  to  China 
       Edim   Cdim    B7  B7/9  B7 
I would hop  an  ocean   liner 
       B7/9     B7     E   A  Cdim E 
Just to be with Dinah Lee 

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