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Sweet Memories Chords

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Sweet Memories

(M. Newbury)

Intro.: A  D  A  D 
A                       A7 
My world is like a river      
D                     D D# E 
as dark as it is deep 
Night after night the past slips in 
and gathers all my sleep 
A                               A7 
My days are just and endless stream  
of emptiness to me 
Filled only by the fleeting  
        E           A    A/G#  A/F# 
moments of her memories 
E          A 
Sweet memories 
C#        F#m 
Sweet memories 
B   A          E        A      A7  
Oh! mm...mm...mm...mm...mm.. 
She slipped into the silence  
G                            G  G#  A 
of my dreams again last night 
Wandering from room to room,  
      A7              D 
she's turning on each light 
Her laughter spills like river  
from the water to the sea 
And I'm swept away from sadness 
         A           D    D/C#  D/B  A  A/G#  A/F#   
clinging to her memories 
Contribuição: Emerson Martins de Andrade([email protected]) 

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