Ray Boltz

Feel The Nails

Ray Boltz

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Feel The Nails

	  		C                                                                F 
They tell me Je-sus died_          for my  trans-gres-tions 
C                                                                F 
that He paid that price_    a long, long time a-go 
               Dm       Am           G 
when He gave His life_  for me___ 
       Em                      Am 
on a hill called_    Cal-va-ry,____ 
                 Dm                       F                              G 
But there's some-thing else_  I ________  want to know.____ 
                 C                  Em             C                F 
Does He   still    feel the nails          ev - 'ry time I fail? ___ 
             Dm7                              F                             G 
Can He hear the crowd __ cry, "Cru-ci-fy!"               a-gain? __ 
         C                          Em                            C                           F 
Am I caus - ing __ Him  pain? __         Then I know I've  got   to  change. ___ 
   Dm7                         F                                C                            F              C 
I  just can't  bear _  the thought _ of hurt - ing Him. _____ 
C                                                                    F 
It seems that I'm so  good ___           at break - ing prom-is-es, 
        C                                                F 
and I  treat  His pre - cious grace  so  care - less-ly.________ 
       Dm          Am           G                    Em                      Am 
But each time  He   for - gives, ___         what   if  He   re - lives 
      Dm                         F                            G 
the  ag - o - ny ___  He __  felt          on that tree?_______ 
Chorus again 
C                   G                F        C               F           Dm            G 
Ho         -      ly, _____      ho  -  ly,              ho  -  ly   is     the Lord 
Am                Em              F          C             F   Dm         G7      C 
Ho        -       ly, _____      ho   -   ly,            ho  -  ly   is     the  Lord 
C                                    G                 F                    C 
Do You still __   feel the nails __         Ev- 'ry time  I fail? __ 
F                                      Dm                               C                G      G7 
Have I cru - ci - fied  You Je - sus,    with my ____sin ______         Oh, ________ 
       Am                             Em               F                                C 
I'm tired ___  of play - ing  games, __         I real-ly want  to  change. ____ 
F            Dm          G7         G             C 
I  nev-er  want  to hurt __ You __           a-gain. 
C       G              F        C         F         Dm         G 
Ho  -  ly,__         Ho  -  ly, __   Ho - ly  is  the Lord. 
Am      Em          F        C         F   Dm       G7         C 
Ho   -   ly, __      Ho  -  ly, __   Ho - ly  is      the      Lord 


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