Rascal Flatts

Head over heels

Rascal Flatts

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Head over heels

	  		Intro: //Am7 G/B C :// 
E7      F                  C             G 
Sitting here with you, you ask me why my tongue is tied 
E7            F                  C                  G 
I've tried to make some sense of all these things I feel inside 
Am                   Em             F        C    G 
I've been searching for the perfect words to say 
Am                  Em                  F              G  Gsus G 
They've been said a thousand times, But they mean more today 
               Am7             G/B  C 
    'Cause I'm head over heels for you 
        Am7               G/B C 
    And all of the things you do 
        Am7               G/B  C 
    The heavens and earth have moved 
        Dm7      G                        Am7 G/B C 
    I'm falling--head over heels for you 
E7      F                 C             G 
So baby there it is, I've let it go and now you know 
E7         F            C                    G 
It's funny how a feelin starts so small, and starts to grow 
Am          Em                 F          C     G 
I had every line rehearsed I'd say to you today 
Am              Em               F                 G Gsus G 
Then you looked into my eyes and they just slipped away 
    Bb               F                C 
    Head over heels, heart over mind, you've got me body and soul 
    Bb                      F              Fm                G Gsus G 
    I've never dreamed in a million years, I'd lose complete control 


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