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Road To Surrender Chords

Randy Travis

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by abelamin

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Road To Surrender

	  Verse: 1 
Dear Lord I've heard you know 
         D7                            G 
When somebody hits the bottom of their soul 
Oh Lord I hope you see something that's worth saving 
When you look at me 

C Cause I have no fight left in me now G I bring my pride and lay it down C And on my knees here at your feet G D7 I'll give you all that's left of me G C G Oh Lord this weary broken sinner D7 G Is on the road to surrender
Verse: 2 G My Life is in your hands D7 G They say no one can fix broken like you can D7 So help me let it go all the guilt G That's held me under it's control Verse: 3 C I don't know how to pray D7 Or what I'm supposed to say C Cause here they call it faith D7 But Lord I'm so afraid Outro: C G C G Oh Lord this weary broken sinner C D7 G Is on the road to surrender

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