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Almaz Chords

Randy Crawford

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by europeu

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	  Dm  A7  Dm7  Bbmaj7  Em7  A7 
          Gm              F         Dm 
She only smiles, he only tells her 
                Em7          A7        Dm 
that she's the flowers, the wind, the spring.. 
            Gm                 F         Dm 
In all her splendor sweetly surrendring 
     Em7       A7        Dm 
the love that innocence brings. 
  Gm7  C          F    Bbmaj7       Em7         A7      Dm 
Almaz...pure and simple, born in a world where love survives. 
             Gm7      C                  F         Bbmaj7 
Now men will want her 'cause life don't haunt her; 
  Em7       A7             Dm  A7 Dm7  Bbmaj7  Em7 A7 
Almaz- you lucky, lucky thing. 
Now I watch closely and I watch wholly, 
I can't imagine love so rare. 
She's young and tender but will life bind her. 
I look around- has she ever bent? 
He throws her kisses, she shares his wishes; 
I'm sure he's keen- without a doubt. 
With love so captive, so solely captive... 
I ask if I could play the part. 
Almaz, you lucky lucky thing. 
Almaz, you lucky lucky thing. 


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