Random Encounters

Just Monika

Random Encounters

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Just Monika

Welcome to our meeting! 

Are you into reading? 

No need for being coy! 

We'll improve your uptake! 

                        A                    B 
Have a friggin' cupcake and must you bring a boy? 

Time to write some poems! 

Don't be scared to show 'em! the festival's days away! 

You could help with baking! 

Or with banner making! 

A                        B 
And i'll walk home alone today 

E                      G#m 
Maybe we're friends... maybe we're more 

C#m                        F# 
How could he love a simple girl next 

          A                              B 
Door? i'm just not the type he's looking for! 

E                         G#m 
Hey, sayori, you doing okay? 

I'm having a difficult day 

I'd say! you seem pretty lonely! 

  I wish i could make her grin 

All she wants are things back the way they've been 

She's depressed and stressed and she's 

                     A                 B 
Feeling blue... so i don't want sayori hanging around you! 

E                           G#m 
  Just monika! just monika!   just monika! 

            C#m                         A              B 
Just monika!  just monika! just monika!   just monika! just just monika! 

(Intro) E 

Manga is my passion. don't you dare be bashin'! 

The writing's got finesse! 

Maybe you should borrow these until 

            A                      B 
Tomorrow... were you looking up my dress? 

Let's go read a story! 

What about sayori? 

Let's talk about me instead! 

I've been learning piano! 

                        A               B 
And i sing soprano! and i can't get you out of my head! 

E                  G#m 
Can't look away... can't help but blush 

C#m                  F#              
Where did i get this overwhelming crush? 

     A                              B 
It's sharp as a knife and twice the rush! 


                                     G#m                        C#m 
There's something i think you should know! i've never seen yuri so- 

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C#m A E|-s| AnE aNd cHiLL ANd sTiLL kinda sweaty...
E And i don't mind cutting to the chase G#m I'm in love with you and you're gorgeous face! C#m That's a sentiment i can't allow! A B So my dear friend yuri is getting the point now! E G#m Just monika! just monika! just monika! C#m A B Just monika! just monika! just monika! just monika! just just monika! E B4 E7sus2 Could you have guessed? maybe you knew? natsuki is next A I'm deleting her too! Am E F# B We don't need cupcakes or poems or tea. i only need you to love me! E G#m Hey... there's no one else in our way C#m A So look at me and just say, right here, my dear that you love me! E G#m And we'll sit here 'till the end of time 'cause i've earned this and You're finally mine! C#m And i'm sorry what you've had to see but it A B No longer matters, 'cause now you belong to me! E G#m Forever. forever. forever C#m A B Forever. forever forever. forever. forever! E G#m Just sayori just sayori! just sayori! C#m A B Just sayori! just sayori! just sayori! just sayori! just sayori!

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