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Zero Zero UFO Chords


Difficulty: EasyEasy

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Zero Zero UFO

{ E    G A A    A G E } x2 
E                       G  A 
It landed in a field in Idaho 
A                     A G   E 
Where it came from, I don't know 
E                        G    A 
It did not look like it came from Japan 
A                      A G  E 
And out of the dark walked a strange man 
If you think it's a pack of lies 
I saw it happen with my own eyes 
A million miles from the Milky way 
A hundred years, a month, and a day 
C                        { E G A } x2 
Zero zero (zero zero) UFO 
Zero zero (zero zero) UFO 
When media writes the neon lights 
Spaceship travels at the speed of light 
A million stars in the sky 
I here the Queen's on the alien's side 
If you think it's a pack of lies... 
Zero zero... 
{ E    G A A    A G E } x4 
Zero zero... (2x) 
{ E G A } x2 


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