Weasel Face Chords


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Weasel Face

{ A  E } x3 
{ A  E } x3 
E     C   G       A   
Twenty four hours ago 
No one could help me 
I'm alone in life 
No where to go 
So I picked up the phone 
Called out for help 
Some one please help me 
I'm afraid and alone 
   A      E 
   Weasel face 
   Weasel face 
   Weasel face 
   Weasel face... 
It's way past midnight 
TV set is on 
It's my only friend 
One crisis after another 
Ain't no loser or quitter 
It's all or nothin' baby 
'Cause we fought so hard 
For our piece of this world 
   Weasel face... 
   Weasel face... 
{ A  Bb  C } x4 
Twenty four hours ago... 
   Weasel face... 
   Weasel face... 
   Weasel face... 


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