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Let's Dance Chords


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Let's Dance

NC                                 G 
Hey baby won't you take a chance. 
Say that you'll let me have this dance. 
              C            G 
   Well let's dance, let's dance. 
                D                            C 
   We'll do the twist, the stomp, the mashed potatoe too, 
   D                      C 
   Any old dance that you wanna do. 
   Well let's dance, well let's dance. 
Hey baby yeah you thrill the soul, 
Hold me tight, never let me go. 
   Let's dance... 
{ G B D F C    G    D C D C G } 
Hey baby if you're all alone 
Baby you'll let me walk you home 
   Let's dance... 
Hey baby yeah you swing it right. 
Yes I know that tonight's the night. 
   Let's dance... 
   Well let's dance, well let's dance 


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