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In The Park Chords


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In The Park

{ G  Bb  F } x3 
All dressed up an' the sun sets low 
When the big bright moon shines a friendly hello 
When my heart pants with lust like a Romeo 
A                                              F G   
Like I am all messed up when the fireflies glow 
I just wanna cuss and fight 
I am goin' out tonight 
Everything is out of sight 
It's gonna be all right 
   C                 F       G  
   I'm gonna hang out in the park 
   Hang out after dark 
   I'm gonna be with the gang tonight 
Under street lamps I will play 
After the school day 
When the troubles disappear 
I feel excitement is here 
Kids in cars were cruisin' by 
The big bright moon smiles in the sky 
Music playin' that portable sound 
Everybody's hangin' all around 
{ G  Bb  F } x3 
   I'm gonna... 
   I'm gonna be with the gang tonight 
   I'm gonna be with the gang tonight 
All dressed up... 
   I'm gonna... 
Contribuição: Guilherme Ernst([email protected])

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