I Need Your Love


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I Need Your Love

{ F  G } x3                                                                                     
F                       G                                                                       
Went to my girlfriend's yesterday                                                              
The only thing I wanted to say                                                                
F                        G                  B/C                                               
Is little girl won't you come out and play, yeah                                                
Told that girl surrender to me                                                                  
Take your love and send it to me                                                                
Come on baby can't you see it's you, yeah, baby                                             
   F           G                                                                               
   I need your love                                                                           
   I need your love                                                                              
   F           G        B/C                                                                    
   I need your love, tonight                                                                   
   I need your...                                                                             
Ah, you took a walk with me                                                                   
And then you took a hold of my hand                                                             
And I knew it was going as planned, yeah, baby                                                 
   I need your...                                                                              
{ F  G  Bb  C } x2                                                                            
Ah, you took...                                                                                 
   I need your...                                                                              
   I need your...                                                                              
{ F  G } x3                                                                                     
   I need your...  


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