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Difficulty: EasyEasy

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{ E    G F# D C# C   A } x2  
{ bass riff } 
Now I wanna wrestle in the Garden I'm on my way to stardom 
I know I'm ready I know I'm great but first I got to get in shape 
B                                            D           A 
Cause I got my eye on the Russian Bear gonna tear him up I swear 
B                                            D 
This guy thinks he's the champion gonna take his belt and beat him 
   E          G F# D C# C           A    
   I'm the Crusher      King of the Ring 
   I'm the Crusher      King of the Ring 
   I'm the Crusher      King of the Ring 
   I'm the Crusher      King of the Ring 
I ready for a match with the Russian Bear gonna piledrive him pull his hair 
I might have a foreign object in my trunks I might hafta use on that punk 
Got the hardest hold you can put on anyone if you're my victim you're beaten 
I'm a lean mean fighting machine powerful and strong like King Kong 
   I'm the Crusher... 
{ E    G F# D C# C   A } x2 
Started having second thoughts I was scared as hell  
The last thing I wanted was to hear them ring the bell 
I mean the Russian Bear could probably tear me limb from limb 
He'd probably grin be real happy with himself this is not good for my health 
I'm not coming out of the dressing room to get beaten up by that goon 
Go back to russia go back home don't wanna get a broken bone 
Or a lump on my head ain't gonna hide under the bed 
   I'm the Crusher... 
   E          G F# D C# C   A   
   I'm the Crusher 
   I'm the Crusher 
D--2--2-2-2-5-4----------------------  { bass riff } 
Contribuição: André Verardi - ([email protected]) 


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