Good company Chords


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by europeu

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Good company

Year: 1975 - Album: Crown Jewels: A 25TH Anniversary Celebration

(May / Queen)

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intro B F#dim C# F# ------------------ -----4-7-----4-7-- ---4-------5------ -4-------7-------- ------------------ ------------------
C#7 Take good core of what you've got F# My father said to me As he puffed his pipe and Baby B. He dandled on his knee F# F#7 B D7 Don't fool with fools who'll turn away C#7 F# Keep all Good Company Oo Hoo Oo Hoo Take care of those you call your own And keep Good Company Soon I grew and happy too My very good friends and me We'd play all day and Sally J. The girl from number four And very soon I begged her won't you Keep me Company D#7 G#m Now marriage is an insinuation sure C# F# D#7(VIII) My wife and I our needs and nothing more G#m All my friends by a year by and by disappear Bm A# But we're safe enough behind our door. I flourished in my humble trade My reputation grew The work devoured my waking hours But when my time was through Reward of all my efforts my own Limited Company I hardly noticed Sall as we Bm C# Pated Company xx444x xx344x xx244x xx644x All through the years in the end it appears Bm A# There was never really anyone but me Now I'm old I puff my pipe But no-one's there to see I ponder on the lesson of My life's insanity Take care of those you call your own And Keep Good Company "solo" chords (1:56) x x 16 15 14 14 x x x 13 14 12 x x x 11 12 11 x x x 14 13 10

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