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Primal Scream

Difficulty: ExpertExpert

by happiness

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  		G Bb  
Everyone I see's diseased or broken, holes in their arms they got cocaine eyes  
Self mutilation is self surveillance, wanna get to heaven you gotta die  
Little Johnny Junk's a subway pilot, he'll knife you in the head for Chinese rock  
Catch a falling spike ride a silver rocket, score a body bag deal from the Vietcong  
Your meat on a hook in your own snuff movie, tortue loop hallucination nerves spliced  
No innoculation from the viral programme, there's spiders in your mouth shoot insecticide  
Bb C                                                Bb C  
Here she comes here she comes, she's crawled out of a garbage can  
Bb C                                                Bb A  
Here she comes here she comes, she's gonna waste another man  
G Bb C D# F   
Ah sick city, gonna to be the death of me  
Ah sick city, gonna be my death, gonna be the death of me  
G Bb  
Sick sick city, sick city

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