Porter Wagoner

Fallen Leaves

Porter Wagoner

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Fallen Leaves

	  		C                                C7     F 
Fallen leaves that lie scattered on the ground 
    G7                                            C 
The birds and flowers that were here now can't be found 
                                      C7   F 
All the friends that he once knew are not around 

         G7                                 C 
They are scattered like the leaves upon the ground  

                                        C7    F 
Some folks drift along through life and never thrill 
       G7                              C 
To the feeling that a good deed brings until 

                                 C7     F 
It's too late and they are ready to lie down 
      G7                                       C 
There beneath the leaves that scattered on the ground  

                                C7       F 
Lord let my eyes see every need of every man 
        G7                             C 
Make me stop and always lend a helping hand 
                                       C7     F 
Then when I'm laid beneath that little grassy mound 
            G7                                       C 
There'll be more friends around than leaves upon the ground  

                                   C7   F 
To your grave there's no use taking any gold  

    G7                                        C 
You cannot use it when it's time for hands to fold 
                                       C7       F 
When you leave this earth for a better home someday  

         G7                                 C 
The only thing you'll take is what you gave away 

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