Polly Scattergood

Other Too Endless

Polly Scattergood

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Other Too Endless

	  		verse 1: 
Eb                                           Bb 
   Just a little, just a little too late, he said, "I made the biggest mistake, and I  
Cm                                      Bb 
never ever ever ever meant to cause you harm." 
         Eb                                                    Bb 
And then she said, "Darling, you don't understand.  It was the black sambucas and it got out of hand. 
      Cm                                          Bb 
And I     really don't remember which side of the bed I got out on.  No, I've forgotten."  So... 

Cm F Bb Eb It can't be real. No, it can't be real. If I close my eyes, then maybe I won't feel this. Cm F Bb Eb It can't be real. No, it can't be real. If I close my eyes, Then maybe I won't feel. Ebm Bb I'm another too endless. So do you think I should end this?
verse 2: Eb Bb And you lie, lie, lie, and now you want me back. Because you'll die, die, die if you don't get that. Cm Bb And everybody's off their pills. They're playing games; drawing pictures in my mind, trying to feel my pain. Well... Chorus (same as previous) Bridge: Bb A Gm Eb F And I will always bring you lots of do-you-good soup, because I am... Because I am kind. Bb A Gm Eb F And I will always share with you a few good memories, because I am... love-blind. Bb A Gm Ebm And I gave you my body, and when I said I did, I meant it. Bb A Gm Eb And you gave me your anger, and for that I'm still trying to vent it. Bb F And that hurts. I give up. Chorus Instrumental: Gm Eb Bb Eb Gm Eb Bb Eb Chorus

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