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Capo on 5th fret

verse 1: 
Not a stitch of makeup, I wake up 
Em7                            C 
Feeling less than great I think I'm crazy, from lazy 
I'm always running late 
Am7                        Em7 
And you come home right on time just to see me 
C                      Am7                           Em7 
You see me at my worst And I'm thinkin' you're thinkin' 
I don't know why I married her 
But you say 

G                         G/F# 
You're beautiful, so beautiful 
Oh and you hold me tight 
Em                        G/F#                
You're beautiful, so beautiful 
C                           D 
And I can't speak or I'll cry 
Oh I don't deserve you 
Cause I always hurt you 
   C                          D 
Then you'll say the perfect thing 
C                 D               G 
You're beautiful, so beautiful to me 

Verse: 2 
You take care of business and listen 
And make time just for me 
And I'm busy rushing and hushing 
Just so I can speak 
And you roll your eyes that look into mine 
And tell me just to wait 
And I'm thinkin' you're thinkin' 
She's crazy but I love her anyway 
But you say 


G                                        G/F# 
I am selfish, self-absorbed Narcissistic, is this normal 
Em7                                      C 
Running late, such a mess Too many details, where's my dress 
Em7                                                G/F# 
I wear a watch to conquer the world Where's my keys, the tank's not full 
C                                                   D 
I get in shape, it's hard to breathe Do you love me, oh you love me 

(Last half of Chorus) 
Full Chorus 

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