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Year: 2003 - Album: Bossanova

Key:  Bm More
Ana Key F#mF#m
Ana Key GmGm
Ana Key G#mG#m
Ana Key AmAm(one step down)
Ana Key A#mA#m(half step down)
Ana Key BmBm(original key)
Ana Key CmCm(half step up)
Ana Key C#mC#m(one step up)
Ana Key DmDm
Ana Key D#mD#m
Ana Key EmEm
Ana Key FmFm
	  		Opening chords:  E E Bbm 

Intro (solo played over chords appearing at top): 

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Bbm A C# F# A Bbm A ----------------------------------------------------------| ----------------------------------------------------------| ----------------10-11-10-8-10---------8-------------------| ---11---11-11-----------------11---11----11--11s8-8--7----| ----------------------------------------------------------| ----------------------------------------------------------|
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C# F# A C# Ab ------------------------------------| ------------------------------------| -----10-11-10-8-10---------8--------| -------------------11---11---11-11--| ------------------------------------| ------------------------------------|
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C# Ab A Bbm E Bbm ------------------12--9-----------------------------------| ----------------------------------------------------------| ------8-9-11-8-s11------------8-9-11-10-------------------| ---11----------------------11--------------11-------------| ----------------------------------------------------------| ----------------------------------------------------------|
Bm Bb She's my fave D G Undressing in the sun Bb Bm Bb Return to sea, bye D G forgetting everyone Bb D Eleven high A C# Ab A Bbm E Bbm Ride away Bbm A She's my fave C# F# Undressing in the sun A Bbm A Return to sea, Bye C# F# forgetting everyone A C# Ab Eleven high D A Bb Bm F Bm Ride away

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