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Last To Know Chords


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Last To Know

Year: 2003 - Album: Try This

  		The whole song just uses the chords Am and D in the same pattern. Listen to the song 
to get the pattern of the eight strokes. 
 Am   D 
Am x8 
Why was I the last to know 
          D x8 
That you weren't coming to my show you coulda  
Am x8 
Called me up to say "good luck" 
           D x8 
You coulda called me back you stupid f     
Am x8        D x8   
Why      was I the last to know? 
{Verse 1} 
Am x8 
First date, we ate sushi and 
D x8 
It went well, I was funny and 
Am x8 
You said I was a cutie 
D x8 
That's the last thing I heard from you 
Am x8 
I left the tickets at the door for you 
D x8 
I had to tell my mom that there was no more room 
Am x8 
You didn't show, that was so uncool 
D x8 
You coulda called me back 
     Am x8 
So i guess this means that we're  
               D x8                
Not friends anymore, I heard 
                      Am x8       
It's me you're asking for, I thought 
                   D x8 
I'd see you at the show 
You said you'd go 
{Verse 2} 
After the date, I wouldn't go 
Home with you 
I wouldn't put my heels in the 
Air for you 
You tried to get me to do things 
I just won't do 
Last I heard from you 
Here is how I guess the story goes 
You woulda came if I was a ho 
F    for parts that's just not how 
I roll, move it on down the road 
So I guess, we, shouldn't be 
Friends anymore, sick of hearin' 
That it's me you're askin' for 
'Cause I thought I'd see you at the 
Show, you said you'd go! 
You thought you know me 
I guess you didn't 
You thought you had me 
I think you didn't  
You thought you knew me 
But you didn't 
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