The Alarmist


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The Alarmist

Intro: G Am  C G Am 

You left gleamin? 
A green rectangle around the door 
                  C               G 
Please be careful 
G               Am 
What you wish for 
I whisper to myself 
Then I?m spinning it half around 
              C G 
Like an echo 
G         Am 
A far away sound 

            G                 Am 
Saying be good to me 
    G                Am 
Be good to me 

G        Am     C G Am 
Marigold in the garden 
My heart is out in the garbage 
         C           G 
I am being 
G    Am 
An alarmist 
Cause for as far as I see 
It?s terrible territory 
                   C              G 
And there?s no one 
To reassure me 
                      G      Am 
So it would be good to talk 
G                   Am 
For my sanity 
         G                      Am 
Now do what you feel like you gotta do 
       G                     Am 
But be good to me 
C                 D 
When you walk away 
        Em                      Am 
You still exist and I feel good knowing it 
C                 D 
If it hurts me 
        Em                      Am 
Why'd I rely so much on it in the first place? 
C                 D 
If it's happening 
        Em                      Am 
Then why's this feeling taking over me? 
C                 D 
Could I believe 
        Em                      Am 
In the me before I knew you beautifully? (x4) 

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