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	  		Intro:  C 

Verse 1:

C G Am Scared to know C G Am I'm scared to know G C You got me talking in the dark G C Saying anything I can G C Dammit I'm scared to know G C I'm scared to know G Am But I need to know!

Verse 2:

C G Then on the bad long drive home Am I encountered an animal Am G Scared stiff in the lights of the van C G Am And I swerved and I flailed in the road
Am Then I was screaming G C I was shouting in the dark G C Saying anything I can G C Damnit I'm scared to know G C I'm scared to know G Am But I need to know!


C G Am (G) (x2)
G C So I'm in this moment G Am And I can't see past it G C I'm in this disaster G Am I'm in this traffic G C And it keeps on going G Am But it keeps me asking G C G Am What's in this moment?
(Am Riffage)

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