Pierre Braga

Unchained Melody Chords

Pierre Braga

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by lucicamargo

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Unchained Melody

  		C       Am       F 
Oh, my love, my darling 
       G7              C 
I've hungered for you touch 
  Am            G 
A long, lonely time 

     C        Am 
And time goes by 
      F         G7              C 
So slowly, and time can do so much 
     Am        G   G7 
Are you still mine? 
I need your love 
Am  Em 
I need your love 
       F             G7 C 
God, speed your love to me 

F             G            F         D# 
Lonely rivers flow to the sea,to the sea 

F            G          C 
To the open arms of the sea 
F             G              F 
Lonely rivers sight wait for me 
Wait for me 
F              G 
I'll be coming home 
Wait for me 

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