Heavy Things


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Heavy Things

| C G | C G | C G | C G | 
C G Things are falling down on me C G Heavy things I could not see | C G | C G | C G When I finally came around C G Something small would pin me down | C G | C G | F G (hold) When I try to step aside I move to where they'd hoped I'd be | C G | C G |
F C Vanessa calls me on the phone F C Reminding me I'm not alone F C I fuss and quake and cavitate G I try to speak and turn to stone F C Tilly reaches through my vest F C To do the thing that she does best F C She probes and tears my ventricles G Steals my one remaining breath
| C G | C G | F C Stumbling as I fall from Grace F C She needs my vision to replace F C Her ailing sight throughout the night G Leaving two holes in my face
F C Mary was a friend I'd say F C 'til one summer day F C She borrowed everything I owned G And then simply ran away, Chorus F oo oo C wa aa F oo oo C wa aa F oo oo C wa aa G wa aa

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