Philip Percival

Never Alone

Philip Percival

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Never Alone

Bm A/C# D (x2) 

verse 1 
           Bm        A/C#      D 
We're not alone, for Christ is here 
      Bm     G        D 
Immanuel our God come near 
          Bm         A/C#   D 
We're not alone, for to our world 
          G             D 
Jesus has come, eternal Word. 
          A           Bm         G      D 
And as he speaks, our souls laid bare 
A       Bm      G           D 
Naked, ashamed, sin is made clear 
           A          Bm     G       D 
And yet he clothes us in his love 
A      Bm    G              D   A          D 
Never alone, Christ is with us, is with us. 

verse 2 
A/C#        Bm            A/C#    D 
The longest walk, earth's darkest day 
             Bm         G        D 
The pressing crowd, his mounting pain. 
        Bm      A/C#      D 
A heavy load of grief and shame 
                G                  D 
Breathless that we should breathe again. 
           A           Bm        G      D 
"Father forgive them", comes his cry 
A            Bm  G            D 
Silence from God blackens the sky. 
           A        Bm    G       D 
A creeping dread in every heart 
A           Bm    G         D      A        D 
Lost in the world now God departs, God departs. 

verse 3 
A/C#          Bm        A/C#     D 
The dawn will come, the sun will rise 
           Bm          G          D 
Out of the grave we'll see hope's light. 
            Bm          A/C#    D 
Tomb opened wide, stone rolled away 
            G                 D 
Morning has come, a brand new day. 
          A          Bm    G      D 
"He isn't here", the angel said. 
A       Bm   G         D 
"He is alive no longer dead". 
               A       Bm           G       D 
Our hearts are lifted, souls raised high 
A              Bm  G             D     A        D 
Christ is with us, Christ is our life, he's our life. 

verse 4 
A/C#   Bm       A/C#    D 
Never alone, is now our cry 
           Bm        G        D 
In joy, in grief, in lonely sin. 
       Bm        A/C#      D 
Never alone, for Christ is ours 
            G              D 
He lives in us, we live in him. 
            A          Bm    G      D 
And 'til we reach that final day 
A              Bm    G         D 
When fears are gone, cast far away 
             A     Bm           G       D 
We'll live secure, trust in his love, 
A      Bm    G              D        A    D 
Never alone, Christ is with us, he's with us. 

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