Phil Pritchett

Bruising Sheetrock

Phil Pritchett



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Bruising Sheetrock

Capo on 2nd fret


C - C/B - Am - G  

In the first 3 chords, he hammers on the high C on the 2nd string.  This chord  
progression is repeated throughout the song, like so. 

C               C/B            Am      G              C      C/B   Am   G  
Looking in your trashcan, its easy to see what going on (repeat intro) 
C                      C/B                    Am       G          C   C/B  Am  G 
Looks like the partys happening, but theres only one car on the lawn. 
C                 C/B        Am      G               C  C/B  Am  G 
We all knew shed leave you, soon as she had time to think. 

(The rest of it follows this pattern) 

Went to the kitchen one day, and never came back with your drink. 

You said you were sorry, you begged for her to wait. 

Was it one apology too many, one apology too late. 

You said: 

C       C/B       Am       G         C   C/B  Am  G 
This is where the bruising sheetrock starts, 
C                   C/B           Am       G                 C   C/B  Am  G 
No wonder walls are padded in the homes of those with broken hearts. 

I cant recall the 2nd verse, Im doing this from memory.  If the chords look off  
timing from the words on this page, try following along with the song, and youll  
notice its easier to feel the chord changes than follow words.

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