Send Revival


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Send Revival

	  		Send Revival, Start With Me: 
Intro.:Am7, Fm9, Am7, Fm9. 

Parte 1: 
      Am7                        Fm9             Am7 
We`re looking to Your promise of old, that if we pray, 
              Fm/D              Cm                Fm9 
And humble ourselves, You will come, and heal our land 
         Am7            Fm9     Cm 
You will come, You will come; 
Parte 2: 
       Am7                       Fm9              Am7 
We`re looking to the promise You Made, that if we turn, 
                 Fm9             Cm                Fm9 
And look to Your face, You will come, and heal our land 
         Am7            Fm9     Cm 
You will come, You will come to us. 
             Am7     Fm9       Cm Gm         Am7    Fm9     Em7  Gm
Lord, send revival, start with me;  For i am one of unclean lips, 
        Fm                Cm          Fm          Cm 
And my eyes have seen the King, Your glory i have glimpsed, 
       Fm      Gm(Fm6 na parte 2)   Am7  Fm Am7(2x)    (parte 2:Cm9 Dm9 Am7 Fm9 (2x), Fm9 Cm9 (2x)Fm Gm) 
Send revival,   start with           me. 
Repete intro, entra peso na música. 
Começa na segunda parte. 

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