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Peter Gabriel

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Year: 1986 - Album: Hit

( Peter Gabriel)

	  		Introd: Em C7+  B7 Am 
    You could have a stream train 
if you'd just lay down 
your tracks 
You could have an aeroplane 
Flying, if you bring your 
blue sky back 
All you do is call me 
I'll be anything you need 
You could have a big dipper, 
going up and down all 
around the bends 
you could have a bumper car, 
This amusement never ends 
             C#m7  D 
I want to be 
 F#m7                     C#m7 
(your sledgehammer) 
D                    F#m7            C#m7 
Why don't you call my name 
D              F#m7                       C#m7  D 
Oh, let me be (your sledgehammer) 
             F#m7                 E7 
This will be my testimony,         yeah 
Show me round your fruitcage 'coz 
I will be your honey bee 
Open up your fruitcage where the 
fruitis as sweet as can be 
             C#m7 D       F#m7                 C#m7  D 
I want to be              (your sledgehammer) 
                      F#m7             C#m7 
Why don't you call my name 
You'd better call (the sledgehammer) 
put your mind at rest 
D                  F#m7                C#m7  D 
I'm gonna be (the sledgehammer) 
             F#m7                  C#m7      D 
This can be my testimony,            yeah 
         F#m7                   C#m7 D 
I'm your sledgehammer, 
             F#m7                      E7 
let there be no doubt about it 
Sledge, sledge sledgehammer 
E7                          C7+ 
I've kicked the habit 
shed my skin 
This is the new stuff 
       C7+                   A 
I go dancing in we go dancing in 
                   (E7                 C7+                      A) 
oh won't you show me, I will         show for you, yeah, yeah... 
I do mean you only you 
You've been coming through 
Going to build up that power 
I've been feeding my rhythm 
I've been feeding my rhythm 
Going to feel that power, build in 
you, come on, come on, 
help me do, yeah, yeah 
I've been feeding my rhythm 
I've been feeding my rhythm 
It's what we're doing all day an night 


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