Peter Gabriel


Peter Gabriel

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Eb7sus |    | Eb4 

I plant the kind of kiss that wouldn't wake a baby 
On the self-same face that wouldn't let me sleep 
And the street is singing with my feet 
And dawn gives me a shadow I know to be taller 

DbM9 Fm7 Eb4 All down to you, dear Db/Ab Eb Everything has changed
Verse Eb7 Bbm Eb7 Bbm My sorry name has made it to graffiti Eb7 Bbm Eb7 Eb7 Bbm Eb7 Bbm I was looking for someone to complete me Eb7 Bbm Eb7 Bbm Ab6 Not anymore, dear Eb/G Db Bbm9 Eb Everything has changed Db Ab/C Eb Everything has changed
Cm Fm Eb You make the moon our mirrorball Cm Bb/D Db The streets, an empty stage Cm Fm Eb The city sirens violins Cm Db Eb/G Bb Db/F Everything has changed Eb/G Db Bbm9 Everything has changed Fm Bbm | Eb/G Bbm Eb/G Db | Fm Ab | Eb Lift off love Fm Ab | Eb Lift off love
(violins) Eb7 Verse Eb7 We took the town to town last night We kissed like we invented it And now I know what every step is for To lead me to your door Eb7 Know that while you sleep
Bbm7 Eb7 Everything has changed DbM7 Ab Eb You make the moon our mirrorball Fm Bbm Eb/G The streets, an empty stage Fm Fm/Eb Fm/C Fm/Eb The city sirens violins Ab Fm Eb Db | Everything has changed
OUTRO (orchestra) Bbm Ab | Eb Bbm | Db Ab | Eb Db Bbm Ab Eb/G So lift off love Db C7+ | Eb Db Lift off love Fm Db | Eb Eb/G Lift off love Db/F Eb | Db Lift off love

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