Peter Gabriel


Peter Gabriel

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(strings) Emadd4 e||3--|| ----|----|----|----|| B||5--||(continue)----|----|----|----|| G||2--|| ----|----|----|----|| D||---||----|----|----|----|--0-|----|| A||---||----|----|----|----|0---|----|| E||---||0---|0-0-|----|2---|----|----||
Verse Em9 Em/F# Dsus I, I wish I could swim Em Em/F# Gsus Like dolphins, like dolphins can swim Asus Em Though nothing will keep us together Asus CM7 Em/B Em/G We can beat them forever and ever D Oh, we can be heroes D/F# G Just for one day D/F# Oh, we can be heroes C9 Just for one day Verse D7M Em I, I will be king D C Em And you, you will be queen Bm Em D7add4 Though nothing will drive us away GM9 Em Oh, we can be heroes D Just for one day GM C9 Oh, we can be us D Just for one day Em9 | C9 Verse D7M C9 I, I can remember D7M C9 Em9 C9 Standing, standing by the wall D7M G7M And the guards shout above our heads D7M G7M And we kiss as though nothing could fall D7M Em D/F# And the shame, the shame is on the other side Em Oh, we can beat them D Forever and ever C9 And we can be heroes D7M Just for one day OUTRO (strings) D7M

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