Drunk Girl


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Drunk Girl



E                E6/Eb           C#m        B 
Hey, it's been a long time, love, since i've seen you around 
E         E6/Eb         C#m               B* 
   You've made a few mistakes, but you've reached a higher ground 
E      E6/Eb         C#m               B 
   How long will you stay, and will we watch the sun rise? 
E  E6/Eb         C#m           B* 
   Oh i see your seas, and the tide is getting high 


    C#m       B                     A         E6 
And i don't believe those screaming words you say 
    C#m       B              A        E6 
And i don't believe that you go both ways 
    C#m                        A                         
And oh, the only reason you're here with me 
Is cuz i love a drunk girl 

E6 E6/Eb C#m Oh oh oh oh oh yea B And you're just a drunk girl E6 E6/Eb C#m Oh oh oh oh oh yea B And i love a drunk girl E6 E6/Eb C#m Am i the one to save you love? B Cuz you're just that drunk girl E6 E6/Eb C#m B* B* Oh oh oh oh yea, uh
Verse: Now don't I make you feel nice how I remembered your name? Remember back in school when you pushed me through the rain? Well, now I want you to feel that there's no safer place I'll hold your hair for you and pull the toilet from your face Pre-Chorus And my friends don't believe that that's all it takes And your girls can't believe that I could be that mistake But oh, the only reason you're here with me is 'cause I love a drunk girl Chorus: Bridge: (same as verse) E E6/Eb You try to kiss me, baby, you're screaming, let me lady C#m B You're running hot and heavy, most people think you're crazy E E6/Eb I'm trying to keep it steady, you're wet and reckless, honey C#m B* Don't spin out on me, lady, because I need you ready This is played during the bridge e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| *riff stops here 2nd time B|----9---9---9---9---9---9---9---9---5---5---5---5---4---4---4---4----------| G|--9---9---9---9---9---9---9---9---6---6---6---6---4*--4---4---4------------| D|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| Pre-Chorus And I always knew it would come to this And in the morning I've got you off my list But oh, the only reason you were with me is you're just a drunk girl Chorus: End with: B B E6 (ring) You're just a drunk girl

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