Penelope Scott

Born To Run

Penelope Scott

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Born To Run


Verse 1:

Am D Are you really gonna save the world like that? G With your tits half out on Instagram? Am D I mean, yeah, motherfucker that was always the plan N.C. I'm gonna wear this shit to congress, man
So, C G Hop off my dick D Em Your Nixon smile makes me fucking sick Am You should be just as wrecked as I am C D I'm pretty fucking angry that you're not

Verse 2:

C And when thots and animals G Storm the capital D Em You'll watch c-span for fun C 'Cause it's a fucking drag G And it's crazy sad D Em But you'll do what's gotta be done Am Life and liberty D Sometimes property G Em The right to try to feel good Am Her heart is pure D The math checks out G D Em So what's the move? C D G How could you do this when I learned my rights from you?

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