Pearl Jam

Future Days

Pearl Jam

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Future Days

	  		I dont know about the Lyrics but im pretty sure the chords are correct (A few  
mightnt be named properly though, like B/C) 

        C F B/C G Am G7th
e:      0 1 0   3 0  1 
B:      1 1 1   3 1  3 
G:      0 2 0   0 2  0 
D:      2 3 0   0 2  3 
A:      3   2   2 0  2 
E:              3  

Verse : C F F C 
Chorus :  C B/C F C  C B/C Am F C 
Bridge : G Am G C G Am F G G7th

verse 1 
C                    F       F                    C 
If I ever were to lose you, I'd surly lose myself 
C                    F       F                    C 
Everything I have found here, I've not found by myself 
C                    F              F                 C 
Try and sometimes you'll suceed, to make a man of me 
C                        F       F                    C 
All of my stolen missing parts, I've no need for anymore 

C B/C F C C B/C Am I believe, and I believe cause I can see, our future days F C days of you and me
verse 2 (Same Chords as verse 1) Back when I was feeling broken, I focused on everything You cant keep this in the ocean, i focused on everything All the complexities and games, No one wins but somehow we still play All the missing crooked hearts, we made die but in us they live on Chorus 2 (Same Chords as Chorus 1) I believe, and I believe cause I can see, our future days days of you and me Bridge G Am The hurricanes and cyclones rage G C The winds turns in dust G Am The floods they came and the tides they raised, F G G7th And the ghosts that became old verse 3 All the promises at sundown, I meant them like the rest Evening ??????? is to come around, before ??????? So persistent in my ways, dear angel, I am here to stay So persistent, so large, these decisions too good to be harmed
I believe, and I believe case I can see, our future days Days of you and me You and me You and me

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