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Don't Chords

Paula Fernandes

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by victborges

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  		(intro 4x)  Am Em F 

Am Em F                                  Am Em 
Don't!     Don't you wish we'd tried? 
F                                    Am Em 
Do you feel what I feel inside? 
F                                               Am Em F 
You know our love is stronger than pride 
Am Em F                                   Am Em 
No!         Don't let your anger grow 
F                                                  Am Em 
Just tell me what you need me to know 
F                                                  Am Em 
Please talk to me,  don't close the door 
Cause' I wanna hear you, 
Wanna be near you 
C         Em           F       G 
Don't fight! Don't argue! 
C                    Em        F                 G 
Give me the chance to say that I'm sorry 
C     Em      F          G 
Just let me love you 
C                      Em           F 
Don't turn me away, don't tell me to go 
Am Em F                             Am Em 
Don't!     Don't give up on trust 
F                               Am Em 
Don't give up on me, oh no 
F                                            Am Em 
If we could just hold on long enough 
We can do it! 
We'll get through it! 

Am         Em               F 
Don't pretend that it's okay 
Am                      Em            F 
Things won't get better that way 
Am                          Em              F 
Don't do something you might regret someday 

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