Paul Siebel


Paul Siebel

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	  		E                                 F#7 
They all said Louise was not half bad  
       A              B                E 
It was written on the walls and window shades  
E                            F#7 
And how she'd act the little girl  
  A                 B                     E 
A deceiver, don't believe her, that's her trade 
A           B             E 
Sometimes a bottle of Perfume  
A           B          E 
Flowers and maybe some lace 
A           B                C#m 
Men brought Louise 10 cent trinkets  
      F#                   B 
The intentions were easily traced  
    E                           F#7 
And everybody knew at times she cried  
    A          B                     E 
But woman like Louise  well they get by 
E                              F#7        
And everybody thought it kinda sad 
          A     B             E 
When they found Louise in her room 
E                                   F#7 
They'd all put her down below their kind 
           A              B             E 
Still some cried when she died this afternoon 
A           B           E 
Louise rode home on the mail train 
A                B                   E 
Somewhere to the south I heard  them say 
A          B        C#m 
Too bad it ended so ugly 
    F#7                    B 
Too bad she had to go this way 
E                           F#7 
But the wind is blowin cold tonight 
     A     B           E 
Good night Louise good night 
From Paul Siebel "Woodsmoke And Oranges" 
Elektra Records 

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