Paul McCartney

Save Us Chords

Paul McCartney

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by gustsilva

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Save Us

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  		(Am) I could try and give you everthing you ever wanted 
(D7) You and I could please 
(Am) And the only thing I'm asking in return is something 
(D7) You could give with ease 

(C) Oh Keep on sending your (Bm)love(E) 
(Am) Coz in the heat of battle 
(F) You've got something that'll (D)Save us 
(Fdim) Save (E)us (Am)now 

(Am) Got a feeling but I just don't know the meaning in me, 
(D7) When i'm close to you, 
(Am) I don't really wanna answer anything but there's  
(D7) something you can do..riff Chorus 

(F) Oh (G) Oh oh (E) Oh (Am) You're my woman 
(F) Oh (G) Oh Oh (E) Oh (Am) Keep it coming 
(F) Oh (G) Oh Oh (E) Oh (Am) you've got something that'll  
(Dm) save (E) us (Am) Save (F) us Oooooh 

Riff Chorus 

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