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Really Love You Chords

Paul McCartney

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by alesbarras

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Really Love You

  		Intro:E7  A  E  A  B7 

Well, I need you through the night, 
when the morning comes, I love the light. 
But in the night-time that dark is black. 
Come on baby, you got to help me get back. 
A7               E7            A7           B7 
 I love you, oh yeah, I realy love you, oh yeah. 


Do one thing, do one thing for me. 
If you?ve got love then let me see. 
If you feel it in your heart then show it right now. 
You know I love you baby, I gotta get to you, get to you somehow. 
Oh yeah, I really love you, oh yeah, I really love you. 
You know it?s true. 

I really love you day and night. 
Yeah, I really love you in the morning light. 
I really love you, sure be right. 
Come on little baby, gotta find out find out somehow. 
Yeah, yeah, really love you, oh yeah, really love you. 

I love the things you say and do. 
I can?t get over, how much I love you. 
You know you do something special to me. 
And that?s the way I want it always to be, yeah. 
Oh yeah, really love you, oh yeah, I really love you. 

I need your love like a bear needs a break. 
I need your heart, baby hopping on a plate. 
I need the sunshine of your smile. 
Help me walk, help me walk that extra mile. 
Little baby, I love you. 
Oh yeah, you know I really love you. 
Oh yeah, you know it?s true, oh yeah, I love you. 
(I love you.) 

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