Paul Heaton

The Snowman

Paul Heaton

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The Snowman

	  		Chords and tab all relevant to CAPO AT FRET 8 (key of Ab)  
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C G Snowman doesn?t really melt he just slowly falls apart F G C Cos no one built a snow girl to heal his broken heart G F We walk through life like snowmen and gradually we melt C N.C. Cos no one seems to understand the feelings that we felt C G Our love somehow in this winter rain F G C Left just hat and scarf beneath the window pane Am Ab Am7 Spring pops his head out from underneath the sheets Am Ab C And the cold and dark of winter begins its long retreat Am Ab Am7 D7 Blossom brightly doffs his hat at everyone he greets F N.C. C And the love you showed for me has come and gone C G We?re Guy Fawkes dummy roaming town we beg for 50p F G C Hold our freezing hands out thinking I wish this wasn?t me G F Carrot for a nose ain?t bad a piece of coal for eyes C N.C. A bunch of twigs for lovin? arms where nothing can disguise C G This night is done I?m burning bright F G C I?m off with snowman?s heart into the night Am Ab Am7 Winter drops its silent leaves like bombs upon our sun Am Ab C Like a swarm of bees we embrace the breeze with nowhere left to run Am Ab Am7 D7 And the fly begins to yearn the warmth of the web the spider?s spun F C And the love you showed for me has come and gone C G In hat and scruffy jacket strangers pass me by F G C Confident November here and it?s time for us to die Thanks to Malcolm Ion for requesting this song. If there are any other songs you would like posted on this site (lyrics and chords only, and 1 song at a time please) email me at [email protected]

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