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Paul Eason

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Capo on 2nd fret

G                       D 
Baby quit your dancing shoes 
D                             A 
The Strip is fun, but it aint home 
A                       G 
I think I know what you need 
G                                 D               A 
A little less neon, a little more me to hold you close 

D A G Dance away my cares to night take me back in time D A G Hold me closer than the darkness over my shoulder D A G Time leaves lovers behind, so girl tonight D A G Find the flame and let the ashes smolder
G D I've known you since long ago D A What you like before the shows A G Before the lights became our lives G D A It aint bad, but baby sometimes, I need you to hope Chorus x2 G D Now I stare out at the bay D A The humid air pushing salty waves A G While you watch the desert sun G D A Sinking low waiting for someone to take you away

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