Paul Brady

Crazy Dreams

Paul Brady

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Crazy Dreams

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Intro e|--------------------------------3-| B|--10--8--7----10--8--7-7--5--3--0-| G|--11--9--7----11--9--7-7--6--4--0-| X 2 then D G and into verse D|--0-----------0-----------------0-| A|--------------------------------2-| E|--------------------------------3-|
D G A Snow bound siren in the winter dawn D Thers's a blizzard blowing in from off the river G It's ten below below out on these city streets D But the feeling in your heart is even colder A The sunrise screeching down the line And the fogbanks running out of time D But you won't be here when they creep in tomorrow G You're tired of dreaming someone's elses's dream D When they really don't include you any longer G Miles from home you're sliding down with each day D And you need a woman's love to make you stronger A Riff Here A voice inside keeps calling out D That someone else's dream don't get you nowhere D G So shut the suitcase kiss the year goodbye D Don't let nobody stop you at the doorway G And close the shutters on this empty room D Where these crazy dreams come crawling to devour you A Riff Here And head on out across that line Where she's been waiting all this time D And tell her that you want her there forever D G It's still two hours till this plane gets down D Can hardly beat to wait another minute G Your sweet loving babe is all that I need D Darling it's been building up inside of me A Riff Here Tonight we'll go and paint this town We're gonna drink champagne till we both fall down D And we'll find some other crazy dream tomorrow

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