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Your Name Chords

Paul Baloche

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by 2u4ubyu

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Your Name

Year: 2006 - Album: A Greater Song

(Paul Baloche / Glenn Packiam)

Capo 3
G/B  C(add9) D/F#  G5  G/B  C(add9)  D/F#  G5   
Verse 1:   
   G/B     C         D       G   
As morning dawns and evening fades   
G/B   C       D        G   
You inspire   songs of praise   
     G/B         C           D      Em7   
That rise from earth to touch Your heart   
   C       D        G   
and glorify Your Name   

Bm7 Em7 G C9 Your Name is a strong and mighty tower D Em7 G C Your Name is a shelter like no other D Em7 G C Your Name, let the nations sing it louder G/B C Dsus D 'Cause nothing has the power to save G/B C D/F# G5 G/B C(add9) D/F# G5 But Your Name
Verse 2: G/B C D G Jesus, in Your Name we pray G/B C D G Come and fill our hearts today G/B C D Lord, give us strength to live for You Em7 C D G and glorify Your Name

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