Patsy Cline

Hidin' Out

Patsy Cline



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Hidin' Out

Capo on 1st fret

Intro: Follow pattern of last line in first verse* 

(A) People point us out, and (E) shake their heads in shame 
In gossip circles (E7) we are talked a-(A)-bout 
Darlin', on you, I (D) hold no legal claim 
*But (E) here we are a-(E7)-gain, hidin' (A) out 

The kisses that you give, make our (E) wrong seem so right 
It's too late to (E7) stop, there's no (A) doubt 
We said we wouldn't meet, to-(D)-night, my dear 
But (E) here we are a-(E7)-gain, hidin' (A) out 

Instrumental: Follow pattern of any verse 

(A) The ones we're tied to, we (E) know we'll hurt, my dear 
Though we're hoping (E7) they don't find us (A) out 
Sooner or later, we (D) know we'll be caught 
But (E) here we are a-(E7)-gain, hidin' (A) out

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