Patsy Cline

A Poor Mans Roses

Patsy Cline

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A Poor Mans Roses

G7                C 
I must make up my mind today 

What to have what to hold 

  Em         Dm 
A poor man's roses 

G7              C 
Or a rich man's gold 

G7                    C 
One's as wealthy as a king in a palace 

               F        C 
Though he's callous and cold 

       Em                Dm 
He may learn to give his heart for love 

G7                        C 
Instead of buying it with gold 

Then the poor man's roses 

G7                    C 
Or the thrill when we kiss 

        D7          Fm 
Will be memories of paradise 

Dm7             G7   F 
That I'll never miss 

G7                               C 
And yet the hand that brings the rose tonight 

            F      C 
Is the hand I will hold 

        Em                 Dm 
For the rose of love means more to me 

          G7             C 
More than any rich man's gold 

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