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We Belong

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We Belong

	  		We Belong Pat Benatar 
 We belong, we belong to the light 
 Many times Ive tried to tell you 
 Many times Ive cried alone 
 Always I'm surprised how well you 
 Cut my feelings to the bone 
 Don't want to leave you really 
 D	G 
 I've invested 	too much time 
 To give you up that easy 
 To the doubts that complicate your mind 

D We belong to the light G A We belong to the thunder D G We belong to the sound of the words A We've both fallen under D G Whatever we deny or embrace A For worse or for better A7 D G We be long, we belong A We belong together
Verse 2: D Maybe its a sign of weakness G When I don't know what to say D Maybe I just wouldn't know G What to do with my strength anyway Em Have we become a habit D G Do we distort the facts Em Now there's no looking forward A Now there's no turning back D When you say (Chorus) Verse 3: D Close your eyes and try to sleep now G Close your eyes and try to dream D Clear your mind and do your best G To try and wash the palette clean Em We cant begin to know it D G How much we really care Em I hear your voice inside me A I see your face everywhere D Still you say (final Chorus)

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