With Everything


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With Everything

Intro:  B  F#  A  E   

Name above Names   
   F#                      A                E   
Lamb that was Slain, Beautiful God   
King above KINGS   
     F#          A                        E   
God of all things, Beautiful God   
B                              F#       A       E 
There is no other name, like Jesus 
B                              F#         A         E 
I give you all of the praise, oh Lord, Jesus 

    G#m   E   
Let hope rise   
B              F#   
 And darkness tremble   
         G#m  E   
In Your holy light   
B           F#   
 That every eye will see   
E         G#m   
Jesus our  God   
F#         C#m7           E     F#   
 Great and mighty to be praised   

God of all days   
Glorious in all of Your ways   
The majesty the wonder and grace   
In the light of Your Name   

E  G#m  B  F#   

With everything   
With everything   
          B            F#  
We will shout for Your glory   
With everything   
With everything   
          B              F#  
We will shout forth Your praise   

Our hearts they cry   
Be glorified   
Be lifted high above all names   
For You our King   
With everything   
We will shout forth Your praise 

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