God You're So Good


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God You're So Good

	  		Intro:    C5   C    F/C    C    Gsus   G     

Verse 1:

C C/F Amazing love, that welcomes me C Gsus G The kindness of mercy C C/F That bought with blood, wholeheartedly Am Gsus G My soul undeserving
C G G/B C C/B God, You're so good, God, You're so good Am F/C F C/G G C God, You're so good, You're so good to me

Verse 2:

C F/C Behold the cross, age to age C Gsus G And hour by hour C F/C The dead are raised, the sinner saved Am Gsus G The work of Your power
{Chorus} {Chorus}


G I am blessed, I am called Am I am healed, I am whole F C I am saved in Jesus' name G Highly favored, anointed Am Filled with Your power F C G For the glory of Jesus' name

Verse 3:

C F/C And should this life bring suffering C Gsus G Lord, I will remember Am F What Calvary has bought for me C Gsus G Both now and forever
{Chorus} {Chorus} {Chorus} {Chorus} {Bridge} {Chorus}

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