Paolo Nutini

Loving You

Paolo Nutini

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Loving You

	  		Intro - D D7 G A 


D     D7             G            A 
Back off loneliness and hello tenderness, 
D     D7             G            A 
i've been waiting for your call for so long 
D     D7             G            A 
and it musta been hard just to follow your soul, 
D     D7             G            A 
to stick to the road that your heart wants you to go and as you 
D     D7             G            A 
slide through the door with your morals on your sleeve 
D     D7             G            A 
and i think its time for all those morals to leave so lets get 
D     D7            F#           Bm 
down and freaky baby, lets get restless baby 
G                    A 
cmon' get crazy with me and i said, when your.. 


D      D7      G        A 
loving me, im loving you 
D     D7                    G                A 
and i love the prowess in the things that you do and its your 
D     D7            F#           Bm 
flawless soul that bleeds my stone and when your 
G                           A 
loving me im loving you and thats when we've got it goin' on 

Bm    F#m/B 
Ooo goin on, and I was so  
G                        A 
stranded I, was lost and abandoned 
F#                   Bm             G 
And I needed another home, and you flew into my arms 
You just flew right into my arms 

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