Distant Call




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Distant Call

	  		intro: Gm Bb Bm Bb  

Gm          Bb       C          Dm 
Waking the sun on a cold winter morn  
Gm          Bb                 C           Dm 
My lonesome steps roam on the frost kissed shore  
Bb            C                  Dm                  Bb 
Cry of a gull piercing my heart I hear a distant call  

Gm Bb Bm Bb  

Gm          Bb       C          Dm 
Smell of the breeze carries sweet springtime dreams  
Gm          Bb                 C           Dm 
Song of the sea: crystal bells ring with glee  
Bb            C                  Dm                  Bb 
Free like a gull through open skies sail to the distant ...  

2xBb Somewhere away Far 'cross the waves Gm Lies a land Bb Welcoming port Shelter of hopes Dm Meet you there
Gm Bb Bm Bb Gm Bb C Dm Farewell, this world: my old cell built on rock Gm Bb C Dm I leave now behind all the fears, all the woe Bb C Dm Bb Deep lust for life fills up my heart feeling the distance ... REFRÂO 2x Bb C Dm Deep lust for life fills up my heart feeling the Bb distance ... Refrão 2x

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