Orphaned Land

Like Orpheus

Orphaned Land

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Like Orpheus

Intro Dm  C  Bb  
        Gm  Am 
        Dm  C  Bb  A  
        Dm  C  Bb  A  

Am                       G 
Close my eyes, I cannot see 
Bb              Am 
Sudden blindness upon me 
This ray of light is so unknown 

Bb                    Am Bb Gm  A 
From womb of darkness I am born 
Dm        Am     Gm       Bb 
Lift the veil of shade forever 
Dm      C             Bb    Gm 
Like a candle that's within me 
I receive the gift of sight 
And rise! 

( C  Am  Bb  Gm  A ) 

Dm                                 C 
This life is a storm that rages on 
Am                                Bb 
Fire, wind, the earth and sea are one 
I sing before you all like 
Am                       Dm    
Orpheus with torch in hand 

( Dm  C  Dm  Bb ) 
( C  Dm  C ) 
( D  Dm  A ) 

Am                            G 
The cave it still lies within 
Bb                 Am 
Like a never ending sin 
Paint these walls with crimson light 
Bb                            Bb  
The phoenix now is taking flight 

( Gm  A  Bb  Gm  A ) 

Solo Dm  C  Dm  Bb  
       C  D  Dm  Eb 

Dm                      C 
Stare back to the abyss 
Dm         Bb             C   
"Hades who rules there shall 

( D  Dm  Eb  D ) 

C            D 
  Grant thee salvation" 

Dm       Am          Gm     Bb 
Like the snow that brings December 
D         C         Bb   Gm   A         D 
I am the spark that sets the flame of truth alight 

Dm C Am Bb  Gm  A 
And fight! 
Dm                                  C 
And this life is the pain of being born 
Am                           Bb 
Man, child and woman all are one 
          C        Em  F 
I sing before you all 
Bb Gm A 
Like Orpheus 

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